Текст песни T.I. - I'm Serious (remix)

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f/ Youngbloodz, Pastor Troy

This some of that Ghet-O-Vision shit man
FUCK these niggaz, WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!

(C'mon, c'mon, c'mon) yeah
(C'mon, c'mon, c'mon) yeah, uhh
Serious mayne... (yeah)
This shit gets serious mayne... (I'm tellin ya shawty)
Serious mayne... (ah ah, ya ya yea)
This shit gets serious mayne... (ah ah, ya ya yea)
Serious mayne (ah c'mon, ah ya ya yea)
This shit gets serious mayne (aight, let's do it shawty tell 'em)

[Hook] - 2X
ATTENTION!!! - Let's get serious mayne!
ATTENTION!!! - Let's get serious mayne!
ATTENTION!!! - Let's get serious mayne!
ATTENTION!!! - Ah wha-wha ah what WHAAAT!

I'm goin in with funny niggas in the A
The killas with the case, and now the niggas with the yea'
All my niggas, where ya stay?
Westside to Decatur, ah hey-ya, fuck ya wooden eight
I lay you down if I got a thirty-shot in my Impala
I'm a 3rd bred Bankhead, Roll Park scholar
From a house with no father, school - why bother?
That's why I call myself the King of the South
Well nigga, ah you don't want what I'm break out the house
Ah so I, strongly suggest you keep my name out ya mouth
Before I, be in ya house tapin ya spouse to the couch
And put a, hole in her blouse, I don't play young nigga
Remember me from back in the day young nigga
One more thing, fuck what you done heard 'bout Atlanta
We finna break the standards, rubber bands instead of platinum
I'm a hustler, not a rapper
We gangstas, y'all some actors
We finna turn this chapter, your spot is what I'm after
I'm serious!!

[Hook] - 2X

See I got the answers to all ya quest-ions (come on)
From A-B to C, best learn your less-ons (-ons...)
Cuz I'm so damn serious, it'll leave yo' ass stunned
In the back and we packin on all who flex-un
Like Redrum, it's bloody and ugly, who want some?
Now put your middle fingers up until it's all done (it's all done)
Cuz we ain't takin much of nothin but bash-un
On all who attempt, intentions we blast-un

[Sean Paul]
I gut 'em, I roll 'em, I smoke 'em, and I pass 'em
I serve 'em, deliver, walk up on 'em and blast 'em
I'm strong but my niggaz, I'm takin they cash home
Then hit the track and get rid of the whole bomb
Cuz I'm serious nigga, you gon' feel this nigga
Got a, trunk full of work, how you gon' kill this nigga?
My niggaz givin out bricks, we can build this nigga
If all fail we can 1-0-5 grill this nigga
I'm dead serious

[Hook] - 2X

[Pastor Troy]
S-E-R-I-O (uh-huh) U-S (uh-huh) I'm fresh (c'mon)
One of the best (uh-huh) there are a couple (c'mon)
We did this song last night, I gave 'em trouble (uh-huh)
Jumped in my shuttle (uh-huh) and hauled ass (c'mon)
Up 85 (yea) with Daytons (c'mon)
You wanna blast (c'mon) come get yo' cannon (c'mon)
I bet I'll leave yo' punk-ass, where ya standin (uh-huh)
While you were plannin (c'mon) see I had plottin (uh-huh)
You saw the smoke hoe, hell yeah I shot it (damn right)
I'm bustin rockets screamin, "Die nigga, die!" (die nigga)
Dont' fuck with D.S.G.B. or T.I. (c'mon)
Do you know why, I don't fuck with nobody? (yeah)
The same shit, that fucked up John Gotti (yeah)
These niggaz watch me, but they don't wanna fuck with us (yeah)
We makin 'em hush, we dead-ass serious!

[Hook] - 4X

It's motherfuckin serious in this motherfucker, knahmtalkinbout
I'ma tell y'all niggaz like this here (whassup whassup)
If it's too hot for yo' ass (uh-huh)
Get the fuck out the motherfuckin kitchen,
knamtalkinbout (getcha ass out)
The boy Lil' Jon, doin this shit with my nigga T.I.!
Ghet-O-Vision, Youngbloodz (Ghet-O-Vison hoe!)
That boy Pastor Troy (old Troy)
It's serious mayne (serious)
This shit motherfuckin serious.. (it serious bitch)
In the south niggaz, they get motherfuckin serious (real serious)
We out this bitch... holla...
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