Текст песни T.I. - Prayin' For Help

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Our father
Who are in heaven
I will be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven
Give us this day, our daily bread
Forgive us for our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
Lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil
God is tha kingdom, tha power, and the glory
Foreva and eva, hmp amen

[Verse 1:]
Man Im prayin fo help
While I lookin at the life I left
Its kinda hard not to hate myself
But quiet is kept
Right or wrong its just tha way I felt
I might be better off prayin for death
On my knees I knelt,
Still tryin ta find a way ta except
That aint a way I can help nobody till I save myself
Technically Im still a slave myself
I gotta climb out tha grave myself
Man, I played myself
But when I look at all tha fans i touched
I ask how can a man whos done so much, be treated so unjust
Cause I tried to inspire tha folks
You wanna condem cause they sell dope
Well man, show em tha ropes
Be a fatha or a football coach
A role model lord asemble tha hope
Take anotha approach
Instead of testifiyin againt em in court
Handcuffin em and closin tha doe, so they can be worse than befo
Cant you see they only do what they know
And you wonder why they don care no mo
Life aint fair, I know
But why Im hated everywhere i go
Next time you wanna compare my flow just know

Im prayin fo help
Askin somebody else to give me a hand, Im tryin hard but i am only a man
Man, Im prayin fo help
Hopin somebody else could see what I see, its like tha hood only matter ta me
They got me prayin fo help
Hopin sombody eles can carry tha torch, Im all alone wit no kind of support
While I was prayin fa help
Realized i'on need nobody else, If god wit me i can do it myself
Tired of just prayin fo help

[Verse 2:]
I know its only one king, one thing, one being only somethin I believe without seeing
And with all my faith
I pray somehow, some way, regaurdless of what anyone say
I believe one day
That Ima change my life, get right, start livin like christ, to tha end of my fight
Ima be defendin my strife
Till somebody come and shut off my lights
I aint neva gon quit
No matta how difficult its gon get
And you can bet whateva on this
Im foeva gon spit
Harder than niggas hatin on tip
You can take away and place it on tip
I double my load
Carry it as tha trouble unfolds
Hold yo'lls, and I bet I dont fold
Put that on my soul
If it take till Im a hundred years old
Bet Im reachin everyone of my goals


[Verse 3:]
Hah, just so many times
I don wished I could change my mind
Change my life and leave tha game behind
And its been so many days
I don prayed I could find a way
Find tha heart and tha time to say
Only so many are blessed
Wit so many chances,
So many checks,
So many fans,
Wit so many arrests
And its been so many deaths
So many prisons wit niggas in there
And tha system keep playin them to tha left
Man, so many tests,
So many hatas love seein ya stress
But tribulations come wit being tha best
Still its so many who flex
Singin bout texts
When they greener than shreks
Sellin dreams, never seen in tha jets
That's why Im seen as a threat
So many stripes
Off tha streaks of my vest
When so many rappers get so little respect
Now niggas faith on tha shelf
Cause of tha cards that a nigga was delt
Or tha heart that a nigga don delt
So many niggas don left out of da hood
Instead of givin back they stayed fo they self
So many playin they self
Instead of readin, educatin they self
The ones that don even pray fo they self
Got me
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