Текст песни The Bunny The Bear - Lonely

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These words still remain quite the pleasant surprise.
You're bringing me lonely.
And I can't rely on the look in your eyes for the meaning of life.
So the fact still remains, you're...
you're not looking out for me.
Like you said you would be...
Like the things that you said we could be.
With my ring wrapped around your finger,
With my heart kissing your shoe's sole.
It seems I will remain, just a man, still unchanged,
Never learning to let go.
Yes, this river of life has run dry for the night.
But that's nothing you didn't know.
I have built up this dam in the name of a plan,
Preaching "I can not learn to let go."
Oh, it won't matter... It won't matter.
It won't matter.
Lord, does it matter?! Does it matter?! Does it matter?!
Let the rain wash me clean.
Death has followed me.
I've fallen apart.
Summer never sets on me.
I would die for a night of emotion...
I would give anything for that look in your eyes.
I would gladly jump into the fire,
Scream "I am a liar"
Yes, I am a liar... And I deserve nothing.
Lord, I deserve nothing...
Not even her taste, let alone her faith in me.
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