Текст песни Westside Gunn, DJ Swamp Izzo (feat. Jeezy) - MR EVERYTHING

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(You are now rocking with, with DJ Swamp Izzo)
(Swamp motherfucking Izzo)

Four Seasons for a month, that's me
Pull up on the curb, cleats and hood, gotta be (Gotta be, skrrt, skrrt)
Nigga got some nerve, nigga think that he me (Ah)
Shooter said he wanna kill you anyway, it's free (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
I was sittin' courtside, trench full of cheese (Hoodrich, nigga)
You ain't never sat in duplexes filled with fiends
All you heard was toilets flushing when they sweep, I mean
I was laying on a cot, all this shit was a dream
Now I'm sittin' on top with an M16
'Case a nigga wanna plot, make that nigga straight lean
Bullets hot like sriracha (Grrrt), forty with the beam
Switch the strings in the Lobsters, box logo 'Preme ('Preme)
Got blood on the mop, neck on freeze
Can I fuck you and your bestie? We can make a scene
I'ma cum on your bestie (Woo), have you lick it clean
When it come to this fly shit, nigga, I'm the king (Swamp Izzo)
Wipe the gun on the Baccarat first mixed with Van Cleef (Mixed with Van Cleef)
Mixed with Cartier, they can't stand me (They can't stand me)
Grillz by Dolly on my damn teeth (Damn teeth)
Walk through the Louvre lookin' fancy (Lookin' fancy)
Kobe wore the same Jeff Hammy (Ah)
Bought fifty guns for the family (For the family)
Fifty K in the Chrome Heart fanny (Ah)
These fuck niggas can't stand me

Yeah, I got it from here, Gunn
Look, walk through my garage, it's a car lot (Car lot)
Yeah, the hundreds all blue, but the cars not (Cars not)
Building after building, I don't buy stock (Nah)
Only me and Hov got this bitch, yeah this our watch (Damn)
That triple beam scale like a Grammy
That's that four and a baby, took a Plan B
Me and Gunn in a suite at the Delos fight
Yeah, you know that money longer than a Vegas flight (Uh-huh)
I got steel, I got lead, I got paper nigga (Paper, nigga)
I got M's, I got O's, I got acres nigga (Acres, nigga)
Bust a jugg, make a play, get some paper, nigga (Ayy)
Why would you show them niggas love when they hate you, nigga?

Hahahaha, just imagine you walk in the Blue Fame lounge
And you look around and you see some of the flyest niggas on Earth in the building
Then you look to the back and you see Westside Gunn
Ice on rocky like the Apollo movie
Yeah, yeah, they can't stand this
A lot of you fuck niggas gon' have to sit down, you can't stand this
Like my mother say, keep the door closed, you'll let the air out
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