Текст песни Yelawolf, Struggle Jennings - Farewell

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Life is a piece of cake, yeah
I'm just taking back what I bake, yeah
Bought a palace right off the lake, yeah
That's a place that I ain't even stay at
And try to put me in chalk, baby, I'm still walkin'
Remind a homie my legacy is revealed often
Can't settle for this day to day 'cause I made that way
I got a call and I'm crawlin' all through these 808s
Yelawolf is a business, that's why I stay the busiest
Runnin' circles around you, that's why you stay the dizziest
Don't say you wouldn't be famous, don't be a hypocrite
Fame is a bi-product of absolutely killing shit
And I kill shit
Nine-to-five from five to nine leave another
Boast and brag about the toe-tags
They don't believe in getting wealthy, that's so sad
They thought I'd stick around this trailer park forever
Motherfucker, I'm in Heaven, tell God to send a letter
I'm a warrior to say the least
And I'm not worried about these haters, please

Farewell, goodbye, watch me go, watch me go
Farewell, don't cry, watch me go, watch me go (Catfish Billy, bitch)

My daddy told me never tattle (Nah)
Never run from a battle (Huh)
You get knocked up off that horse
Get yourself up off that ground, dust yourself off
Get your ass back up on that saddle
Raised barefoot in the gravel (Ugh)
You gotta know what really matters (Huh)
So fear no man, only God, when times hard, fix your problem
Don't be lookin' for the answers in a bottle
I'm still looking in the bottle (Yeah)
I made it farther than my father (Huh)
Gotta practice what I preach, to each it's own, I'm in the zone
Leave me alone, I set the tone, so baby, don't bother
I feel like Jon Connor (Huh)
I'ma fight 'til I'm a goner (Yeah)
The terminator's coming, I'm not runnin'
Stand my ground for the resistance, gotta kill me
'Cause my soul is not to offer
I put that on my coffin

Baby girl, I gotta go, daddy is up to somethin'
You know father's a killer, ain't coming back with nothin'
I'm coming back with dinner on my back
Leave the bloodstains, jumping down at the fucking quarter laundry mat
I've been around the world before I ever left the mud
Gadsden, Alabama, goddamn it, I made it 'cause
Couldn't fill up my appetite for destruction
Kick over the speakers and leave 'em, fuck 'em, they love 'em
Bitch, I won't hide behind my genius, no, I'm making classics
But you can hide behind this verse, you know I'm fucking snappin'
Tell the truth about me when you speak about me, boy
You better do some diggin', do some readin' 'bout your boy
'Cause you ain't never heard an artist, met an artist like me
Out of a million other artists, I'm the hardest liking, smartest likely
Runnin' shit in Luccheses like Lebron in some Nikes
Now I switched the fuck up on 'em
They haven't been the same since I put that gold chain buck on 'em
I'm out of here, I don't know if I'm coming back again
So I'ma leave you with this acronym
Determine reality eternally, amen
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