Текст песни Yelawolf - Candy & Dreams

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Candy and dreams are your favourite ones
Is that really what you want?
Cause I got what you want in my pocket.
Hand me the kiss i'll hand you the sun.
Is that really what you need?
Cause I got what you need in my rocket.
Shadies and lines you've pick from.
Yeap, and I'm wondering, which one,
Number who's best to the kick drum.
Kick me to the moon it's this one.
One, two, three, fee and rising
There are five I wanna to block one.
Hey, the day in L.A.'s got so what's
Night in Alabama do you want some fun?
So, what's a 20 minute flight pulling your boots like Napoleon Dynamite.
We worked up but we worked biting appetite
Looking at Earth from my personal satellite.
Got it right they got left going up take a breath.
It's a giant leap for all mankind
Or for what's it's just a simple step, baby step.
People in cars go wroom.
Speeding to the dock go wroom wroom.
Let's go health on a taint
If you got some few then I got that boom boom.
Crank my truck I'm still a country boy pveos in a cup
You wanna see inside the ash with night farm
5 4 3 2 1 fuck all up.
Hey, she's got the ground control.
I'm looking at the sky where should we go to.
Lights in the club don't shine like that tha-tha- that's gotta be your back
You almost gave me a heart attack.
You must to puss on in my conyak
I'm kind a like an Alabama headache at.
My space game will now be next
And if you wanna know where i'll be at.
The ships are fat with...
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