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I hear people, from time to time, tell me that I'm underrated or under-appreciated
And, to a certain extent, that's flattery and endearing
But I also use it as a source of inspiration to keep, keep fuckin' y'all up
Woke up this morning, looking at some pussy so sexy
I had to kiss the sky like Jimi Hendrix right after she necked me
This shit is dope, talking coke, no Pepsi
Went from a trailer to a savior, this shit is perplexing
Gulp, gulp, drink it up, senorita
And fuck if you hating, you blood-sucking mosquitoes
My propped feet up, inside this black Bentley truck
I'm sitting back, locced out, won't lift my seat up
Keep a gunner close with the heater
Get caught with the red rider, ain't talking BB, 'cause
I'm institutionalized but from the outside
Ain't scared of nothing but God, so fuck your outcries
Don't be the idiot pulling a stick on green eyes
You start a fucking war, boy, if I die
'Cause baby, I love with passion
Take care of my people, go ask my people, go ask 'em
I just don't bring the fish 'cause that won't outlast 'em
I teach 'em how to fish and now they out castin'
Eating, and it's hunting season
And I'm about to land a hit, man, I got this funky feeling
I don't need your credibility, dawg, my credit card's leaking
And I might drop another hundred bands this next weekend, 'cause I got everything
I got everything (check it out)
I got everything
Oohwee, everything
Yeah, yeah, everything
Ahh man, everything (mmm)
Take off the brakes, I'm raising hell to live in heaven's dreams
Put on that Rock and roll wedding ring
Now I got everything
Yeah, yeah, everything
Check it out
You must be joking with that Rolls Royce truck
My box Chevy says I don't give a fuck, don't it
Steering wheel, no components
'79 original, I live in the moment
Got a whiskey company, hold on, give me a moment
Hold up, give me a moment
Fuck, goddamn I got that too
She's playing peekaboo in the menu, want wagyu boo?
Some caviar with your PBR, deja vu
Last time I took a bitch to bed, she got my name tattooed
Y'all shit out of luck, the game is fly paper
And I'm so fly that I'm stuck
You're stuck with me
So fuck with me or suck on me
Lord's a gift of course it is
Gift to you luxury
A heartbreaker party starter hardly labor not a job
When you love it, you don't love it bitch? Then I'll see you later Prin-cess
These rappers so senseless
Blew your load on some hoes, now you got no cents left
Clean up your act my floors have been swept
And I stay stage ready pimp
Yeah, why? 'Cause I got everything
I got everything (uh)
Take off the brakes, I'm raising hell to live in heaven's dream
Put on that rock and roll wedding ring
'Cause I got everything
Yeah, man, I got everything (all I need)
Take off the brakes, I'm raising hell to live in heaven's dream
I put on that Rock and roll wedding ring
I got everything
Still, I want everything (uh)
Still, I want everything
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