Текст песни Atmosphere - Ha, This One Is About Alcohol Too

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OK, I'ma have to see some I.D. from everybody here, except you huh
So what's it gonna be?
You all look like whiskey people to me

[Verse 1]
Never sick of listening to your problems
Your boss threatened that you're gonna lose your job then
You fought with your neighbour and he called the cops man
Your wife left you and she took the dog, damn!
Looks like you came to the right place
Take a shot just to wash away the taste
We don't know your name but everybody knows your mad face
Save that seat for anyone that caught a bad case
Every day is overcast, pains in the lower back
Bones that you didn't even know you had
Not sure but you think your best friend stole your lawn mower
...That would explain why he stopped coming over
You ain't seen the doctor in a while
Even longer for the dentist, I can tell by your smile
Still making payments on a car
That's sitting on a spare flat in your backyard
Stacks of bills on a messy kitchen counter
Ring around the blue-collar cause the hot water heater's down
Here, put a couple of these down
And sing the blues like they supposed to sound

Here comes a beer, catch all your tears
Drink the remedy, forget about your problems
Here comes a shot, lose all your thoughts
Drink the remedy, forget about your problem
This one's on me, fix you for free
Drink the remedy, forget about everythang
This one's on me, got what you need
And take your medicine, you'll feel better friend

{And then she said, "Did you put, did you put it in?}
{Did you put it in yet?"}
You know what?
{And I was like, I was like...}
You know, I'ma turn the TV on
I'ma turn the TV on, I don't want to hear about this

[Verse 2]
Used to be you just get in the car and steer
All alone, just you and them stars up there
Find a highway outside of the gen-pop
Turn up the music, go till the engine stops
And that's life but with these guy's prices
It's cheaper to just drink yourself to sleep, huh
Dependency can be your best friend once you know
That drugs and alcohol is all you've got that's dependable
It's enough to make you wanna huff on paint again
And lock you in the bathroom with the Jameson
Nah man, come down here and make a friend
If you do right, won't remember tonight
We still open so have another cold one
Until you don't recognise where you woke up
And don't throw up, nah hold your liquor
My tattoo gorilla be quick to eighty-six ya
Now get lost in the river of smoke
As it floats towards the ceiling that measures your growth
Life is better with a poor memory
But don't forget to leave a tip on the bar for the remedy


Ay buddy wake up, wake up
Wake up, there's no sleeping at the bar man, get up
It's time to settle out your tab
You've had, you've had enough
You've got, you've got to go home, wake up
Yo, aiyyo, ay Stevie come over here man, check this guy
He's still dazed?
Hey buddy
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