Текст песни Faun - Willow Tree

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There was a girl named young Mary
Her heart was bold and her mind was free
She went to gather poppies red
Oh, far away from her father's shed

"Oh, how I wish to love!"
She said to her self and the birds above
"Oh, how I wish to know
If I'd follow my heart, where would I go?"

Through the woods and through the fields
She went, she went with tired feet
She found some rest by a willow tree
"Oh, that is where my heart will be"

She heard a whisper from behind
And on hеr shoulder hands so kind
"Oh, my dear young Mary"
Said the young man all in green
"May I takе you to my land?
Oh, far away from all mankind
Poppies beauty you've ever seen
And all you longed for in you dreams"

Now if you pass a willow tree
Will you think of young Mary?
Her heart was bold, her mind was free
And since that day she's never more seen
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