Текст песни Frank Sinatra - Dry Your Eyes

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Dry your eyes and take your song out
It's a newborn afternoon
If you can't recall the singer
You can still recall the tune

Dry your eyes and play it slowly
Like you're marching off to war
Sing it like you know he'd want it
Like we sang it once before

From the center of the circle
To the midst of the waving crowd
If it ever be forgotten
Sing it long and sing it loud

Come, dry your eyes

And he taught us more about giving
Than we ever cared to know
But we came to find the secret
And we never let it go

And it was more than being holy
Though it was less than being free
And if you can't recall the reason
Can you hear the people sing

Through the lightning and the thunder
To the dark side of the moon
To that distant calling angel
Who descended much too soon

And come, dry your eyes
Come, dry your eyes
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