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(Stop making that big face!)

[Verse 1]
If I was stronger
If I was faster
Then I wouldn't hurt at all
We've grown apart
And you get to wish me harm
Since they told you who I am

I'll always
I'll always be here to dry your eyes
So waste all my time, and let me think I'm loveable
I'm never running out of love

[Verse 2]
Maybe when you're home, you'll see it
Maybe when I wish you harm, you'll die
No one's gonna be around
And no one's gonna search for me

I'll always
I'll always be here to dry your eyеs
Be here to dry your
So wastе all my time, and let me think
Let me think I'm loveable
(Maybe when you're home, you'll see it)
Never running out of love

Maybe when you're home you'll call me
Cry at home and wipe your tears at yours
I hated the way you saw me
It's like it was always someone else

And I don't care if I get replaced
I wasn't meant to win
I didn't even mean to score this high (Ah-ah-ah)
And I can't say I'm tired
Of wiping your tears still
If anything, I'd even make you cry

I'll dry your eyes
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