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He fixes me
Put that arm back where it fell from and watch me scream
The pain I felt is worse than when it fell..
I like it more when you hurt me, and less when I hurt myself
My fabric's falling, I hold it again, yeah
I acted like you fixed me so you'd calm down
But it never works out

I fall, through the cracks and seams
The gears spin in this old clock
But no matter what I'm not back
My eyes fell once, it's in the past
And I still fall, for whoever sees
I don't know who he is but I've seen him before
Am I wrong? If so then why bother?
I knew that he'd throw me out
The moment he saw me, his eyes turned a different shade
Why didn't I listen to you when you called my name...
When you break the rules, god tries to sabotage you
I'm turned an example, so don't do what I do

My guts leak from my interior
This time nobody's gonna hear me run
You scream a name that isn't even mine
(And I'm the one that's gone insane)

The fabric keeps on falling
This time you can't come in
Keep banging on that wooden door
I won't let you stitch me closed
Not this time
Poke my eyes out
Drive me insane, but please don't look at me again

(Last time I let you in you took everything I had)
(I know you didn't change you'd just use me once again)
(And if I could I'd do it over from the start)
(I'd still know who you are but you wouldn't know who I am)

When I was still sober and young
With love to spare
No matter what I did, they looked at me like I caused a scene, caused a scene, caused a scene, caused a scene

We were just boys
Nowadays I don't know, if I still am
Our love was dumb, it was doomed to fail, doomed to fail, doomed to fail, doomed to fail

This one needs a patch bigger than anything I've ever seen
It pleads for an answer because nothing ever means a thing
When my window tempts me and I feel the wind calling my name
I wanna be stitched together but it won't be the same
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