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Don't ask me how I feel
You know that you're the only one
(You're the only one, ah)

And don't ask me how I feel
About your brand new boy (Ah)
When you made me cry for mine (Ah-ah-ah)
And you say I act like someone else
When you don't even know yourself
What, do you think that I'm like this on purpose?
Fuck me over, say it's best for us (Ah-ah-ah)
And take control when you're the only one

I tell you I wanna stay
'Cause it's what you wanna hear
So what, I don't wanna change?
What's wrong with staying the same?
You miss when I was still ten
Way too young to understand
I know you wish you could start over again
So paint the walls, get your cardboard boxes
Guess I'll just know every part of someone's house
Door that won't budge ever again
Just toss away all your dirty carpets
Say I remind you of him another time
And then you won't move ever again

I move boxes around
I cry in the bus drive
I cover my face

So what, I don't wanna change?
I like the way that I am
I'll stitch myself a new face
And leave the old one for them
One day I'm gonna be gone
And I'm not saying a word
The cardboard box will be mine
I'm throwing out all those rugs

Hi there
Put the boxes in the same place as where the bus [?] through
Nobody seems to care about it, so
And I'm gonna see how many people like that could last now
And I know a lot of us have guilt sometimes, but
Everytime I think of us
Ay, uh yeah, fu
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