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[Verse 1]
When did we get so far apart?
Someone I can't reach at all
Who knows all of me
And now the wind blows far away
And I cover my mouth
Just for you

[Verse 2]
I know I'm not ever fooling anyone
Nothing's going back to how it was before
And waking up is so much harder than staying asleep
I wanna realign the missing parts
Lie to my grave and say there's nothing wrong
Don't you get tired of saving your face?
It's not as easy as running away

Oh, I know sometimes I look wrong doing good
No matter what I do, misunderstood
I try to be there knowing that it's true
And I'm still scared it won't change
I made a hundred songs about that day
Until time passed and life took me away
I wonder what it feels like being you
Being you

I wanna climb the tallest mountain top
Run down a hill until my legs are begging me to stop
I know that if the world was ending, you'd agree with me
But it's been looking like I have to wait for everything
If you told me to jump, then I would ask how high
I'm just fed up being the one asking why
Everything in vain, so why compete?

Doesn't it feel so good?
Doesn't it feel so right? (Feel so right)
You got me right where you wanted (Where you wanted)
Now what? (Now what, now what?)
Now what? (Now what, now what?)
You're gonna tell who I look like
You're gonna tell me what I know deep down
You're gonna tell me what I know deep down

[Verse 3]
So I don't want you coming closer
Don't look at me that way
With heavy eyes, I'm telling God
You've seen enough today

When did we get so far apart?
Someone I used to know
Who knows all of me
(Stop fucking looking at me)
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