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[Verse 1]
Say what you mean or don't talk at all
Lie to me again and you'll lose your face
Can I come over to your place?
I'll drive far if it's far away
And I know, I know, I know
I'll write your name when you look away
Show up at the worst time of day
Like you did, like you did, like you did, like you did

A lawnmower ran through my garden
And cut open my favorite flowers
Wasted all of my hours
He cut open the door to my house
And cried on my shoulder for help
Said it's not the same around her

Does she know your secret as well?
Does she know you love mе still?

So hide all you want
He called mе at four, told me one thousand words
Does she let you call her when you drink this much?

[Verse 2]
There's no need to hide
And I'll let all the plastic plants make up for all of the picture frames I didn't place
Didn't place

(Steady and easy)
(Hang onto the threads 'cause you know that you need me)
(Fever dream, I see you in the ceiling)
(And if loving you is this fucking hard)
(I'll never love someone again)
(Love again)
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