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[Verse 1]
I thought I was everything you are
I know there is only room for one
Backing off, holding onto straws

So if you wanna take it
Don't make me have to say it
I wish I was
See-through like you
The world is yours
I'm yet another screw

[Verse 2]
I knew that these new tricks weren't enough
I threw away my rut in a daze
In a chance it'd go my way
I can't keep slipping up in answers
Push me out if you claim what's yours, yours

So if you wanna take it
Don't you wanna just yell about it?
Stick to doing what you know how to do
'Cause it only happens once
It only happens twice

Watch me turn into sand dissolving
Can I be the first one to call you wrong?
How did one look go so far
Just look at where we arе
Just look at where we arе
Where we are
How did we get so far?
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