Текст песни Sabaton - Burn Your Crosses

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No use to pray, there's no one listening*
I will die anyway.
Some say I've killed, some call me Satan
Now my blood must be spilled

I'm sentenced for crimes I did not commit
I'll pay with my blood, is this really it?
Creations of God?
No way!

Burn your crosses, make way for science
Christ has only caused death and violence
Burn your crosses and make way for yourself
Put faith in mother earth.

Don't call his name, don't trust in others
Bishops fighting for fame.
Torture in vain. I won't surrender
Purified by pain.

Mankind's great mistake was to create God
Creation of man. Excuse to spill blood.
Creations of God?
No way!

No use to pray, there's no one listening
I will die anyway.
Leaving this place the end is near now
Dying ain't no disgrace

My last night alive has come to an end
Death once I feared, but now it's my friend.
Creation of God?
No way!

Burned my crosses, make way for science
Christ will only cause death and violence
Burned my crosses and made way for myself
In mother earth I trust.

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