Текст песни Synteleia - Emblem of Yith

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Precognition abilities
Formulate the amorphous
Future glimpse in past ways
Abominations of a Great Race
Bending time and space
In the living continuum
Violate all logic rules
The principle of causality

Omniscient trespasser
Bleak mental heritage
Cone-shaped species
Contact with mind exchange
Intellectual prosperity
Fear for what's revealed
Swapping mind with a race
Of a prehistoric phase
Clairvoyance of dreams
Tokens causes of future events
Pave the way to intervene
As captive mind time-dwells
Leave the nest of ignorance
Confront grim reality
Unrelated correlation
Stray too far from sanity

Knowledge of the timeline
Preserved consciousnesses
But lost remembrance
Awaken in a sweat

A last trace beholds
After the heavy trance
The Emblem of Yith
Scarred in my mind paths
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