Текст песни Synteleia - Escaping Atheron

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Imprisoned in dark
Basalt-built citadel
The pre-invasive construct
A space-time window
Dismal basalt town
Not to be surmised
Before the Great Ones

Flee the onyx castle
Austere impassive granite
Wrenched prodigious blocks
Colossal medieval graveyards
Through labyrinthine caves
Infamous subterranean paths
A mystical escape
Edged in high pass
Through fortified places
Balanced on concave sides
Of greater steepness
Perils to be facеd
Where solid nothingness
Lеagued with death

Passed unseen depths
Flanked by grim vultures
Reached impassable peaks
Crossed deadly forests
Stepped mesmerising paths
Through shrouds of mist
To the boreal iced desert

Survived nether pits
Felt formless abominations
Lurking in an abhorrent
Frozen desert plateau
Impious daemon stalkers
Descending from the skies
Shuddered on an irreverent myth
Atmosphere of alienness
Pervasive in every step
Unearthly immanence
Outside ordered universe
Ethereal ghastly dreamscapes
Where cruel Elder Ones dwell
Lost in time and space
Countless moons drifted
Found no inner solace
Devastating blizzard
Tenacious grooved face
Fiendish elder myths
Realised in frozen Lomar
Α message to convey
The cold glacier ended
Impertinent wasteland
Discerned hope not perished yet
Atop megalithic altars built to propitiate
The malice Great Ones
And to ward off what they dreamed

The finding of the path
The saying of a prayer
Found the way to the Void
Through Pnakotic Manuscripts
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