Текст песни Synteleia - Tower of Koth

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Gateway from the world of walking
Into the vast world of dreaming
Sentinel on the threshold of outer void
Channeling its primal currents
Lead the way as the eye of the dreamer
The black stone of a Pharaoh-God
An artifact pylon of all primal force
Forbidden knowledge endorsed

Use the silver key to the gate
Anoint the sigil with sacred blood
Mind meditation as notion flies
A soul travel path uncharted
From the slumber of ignorance
To the enlightened consciousness
Through the realms of the Old Ones
Confront the shape-shifting chaos
Step the stone of the stellar temple
In the heart of the cosmic space
Opening my awaken inner-eyes
Gazing the view of infinity

I now walk spaces beyond the stars
Chaotic patterns in the centre of the void
The luminous star gate is opened
Marking the path with my own blood
Conversed with the Old Ones

Visit the shrines under the surface
Of the black planet, Yuggoth
Where time ceased to exist
Dreamless sleep of no existence
Roaming in articulated despair
Soul never ceasing to be
Forced my will back on reality
I now walk spaces beyond the stars
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