Текст песни B.o.B feat T.I., Playboy Tre - Bet I

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[Chorus - B.o.B w/ ad libs]
Put me on anything, still I bet I bust
Put me anywhere on the map, I bet I bust
This is what I does so, please don't gas me up
Matter of fact, give me fifteen minutes and a bag of bud -
I bet I bust
I bet I bust, I bet I bust
I bet I, I bet I, I bet I bust, I bet I bust
Matter of fact, give me fifteen minutes and a bag of bud -
I bet I bust

Bust, bust, b-b-bust

[Verse 1 - B.o.B]
Yo, bud boys, bet I bust, that's just what I does, yes
Put me anywhere on the map with a backpack strapped, still I bet I bust
Bet I flow, bet I rip this beat, bet I feel that soul
Bet I go, bet I bench these n*ggaz like Ray, sit down bro
Bet I know, everything about this game, bet I know my role
But they know when I come to the court this is my sport, B dot o
B, so, bet I'm gone
Bet I'm on a brand new plane, bet I'm in a whole different zone
I ain't really from this place, so I'm up all night long
Really I'm in outer space, really ain't got no home
Really I'm a saint, bet I'm blown, bet I'm thrown
Up to the sky, over the ocean, so I'll fly, wherever I'm goin'
When I'm by, bet I'm focused
If it's fire, you can bet I roll it
Matter of fact (*lighter flickers*), you can bet I bust

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[Verse 2 - T.I.]
Yeah, hey, grab a brown front and center, the King fittin to enter (okay)
The room when the boom hit the booth, I deliver
The hottest, you probably too small to acknowledge, you
Impossible to copy like what everybody try to do
We cool as some dudes on them waves out in Malibu
I'm fallin hard baseline, ball through the alley-oop (bang!)
Comin through this thang like James, in the air off the rim I hang
N*gga, this King, pretend you forgot my name if you wanna
I'm a come hard like a boner, don't I
Make a n*gga wanna rebound, turned up all the way, we amped
Two or three tramp
With 'em in the mill, same Bentley
N*ggaz said they do it like us, you shittin me?
'96, '97 in Atlanta, didn't we, have more blocks than Mutombo, Dikembe? (Bankhead!)
For those who can't hold water, need new kidneys
Put 'em down under Australia, Sydney (bye)
And I'm still representing
For the n*ggaz on the prison yard, tuned in, listening
I'm back to doin big things (okay)
A sucker lookin for me, start in your b*tch's dreams (that's right)
Or twenty feet tall standin' on the big screen
Get dough, big green, my flow sickening, it's the King n*gga


[Verse 3 - Playboy Tre]
Yeah, back with a cup of that liquor, n*gga, y'all don't really know Tre
Really know me, really know the streets, no, y'all n*ggaz really ain't G
Really ain't hard, never really served no hard, y'all be playin that roll
Talkin that pimp shit, never really pimp shit, nah, y'all be savin them hoes
But I don't and I won't, I'll get a b*tch anytime I want
I'm that guy, spit that fire, shake the ground everytime I stomp
Beat in the trunk, cup in the air, you can talk shit but I really don't care
Man I'm in the Cadillac, gun go rat-a-tat-tat-tat but a n*gga ain't scared
From that Red, Clay, east of the A, young n*ggaz get locked up everyday
Cops ain't shit, so I drop that shit, have it drop on 'em, make it
through the da-ay
Grindin for my pa-ay, it's that n*gga Tre-e
Bustin like a pistol better believe it when I say - that I bust


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