Текст песни Sabaton - Hail To The King

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Once we lived in harmony, but it seems so distance now*
Even though it wasn't long ago, were all doomed to plague and death.
Working hard from dawn 'til dusk.
But that ain't enough for him
Product of unholy love, untrue brother of a king.

Know that you'll fail, now hear us hail
Your brother that you killed.

Hail to the king that brought peace to us all.
Rise from your grave, hear our call.
We'll not forget that you once saved our land.
Killed by your own brothers hand.

Pure evil and cruelty, the true nature of your soul
Mercy and responsibility, words that you can't understand.
Your quest for total control will only end in your own fall.
We' will fight for our freedom, and our right to live.

Do it your way, soon you will pay
Debts with your own blood.

Stars so bright, dance in the night
Day come soon, hide the moon
Stars so bright dance in the night
Day come soon, killing the moon

Morning breaks it's time to march, to the castle of betrayal.
Bring your sword, wield your armour, we won't take this anymore.
Kill the tyrant he must die, for his falseness and his crimes.
Strike him down, and slay his guards, and his ministers as well.

Done it your way, now you will pay
Debts with your own blood.
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