Текст песни Sabaton - Nuclear Attack

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Dropped from Enola, a city erased
Threat of the future displayed
A power unheard of a power unseen
Flash out of nowhere, the sky is burning

At 8:16 am Tokyo control realized something was wrong
Reports of explosions, destruction and pain
Air raid from hell city gone in a blaze
August in black, B-29's coming back

Prepare for nuclear attack
Warned but did not heed
Prepare for nuclear attack
Extermination, strike back
Chose not to believe, another nuclear attack

From the southeast came the second attack
Threat of tomorrow unveiled
11:02 on the 9th of August
Over the valley, like ball lightning

The bomb detonates and the land turns to waste
Barren for decades to come
The factories burning, the steelworks destroyed
Surrender your war, else you'll perish in flames

Second attack, B-29's turning back
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