Текст песни T.I. - The Breakup

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Hey, Hey, Hey Come on in (Hey Baby)
Hey, what's goin on (Ok How you doin, just been out running around, and what you up to?)
Yeah I'm doin good gon sit down let me take ya coat (ok)
You know they make this lil jacket in leather dont you? (Oh they do so you gon get it for me?)
Yeah, let me gon and hang it up for you, gon and sit down (How you doin?)
I'm doin good, I'm doin good...I'm doin so good DAT BITCH I FOLLOWED YOU TODAY!!!
(What nigga? Is you crazy? What you mean you followed me?!)
Yeah, nah dont gon stutterin now de-de-de-de-de yo ass, gon and sit down (What is wrong which you?)

Yeah I followed you today... (You aint follow nobody.)
You had just came out the chicken place, you gat you a 6-piece wing wit a greenbean and yam,
bitch i seen what you had ordered (nigga you aint see shit.)
You had dat ol monkey ass nigga wit you (You the only monkey ass nigga I know!)
This nigga had baby powder on his chest wit a whole bunch of lil kinked up necklaces and shit wit
"I love you mom and dad" and fake uzis and shit
connected to the chain (You talkin bout yoself ol extra regular ass nigga.)
Now see my first reaction was to run up on you and just grab the back of yo pants and give you a
(Oh but you know, you know better though) Just
put the thong all up in ya ass (Don't touch nobody...Dont touch me)
But I said naw, bitch i said naw
(Dont wanna be dealin wit yo ass, you need to stop talkin to me crazy faggot!)
And then had the nerve, you had the nerve to go get yo hair cut down low like a nigga...
Bitch yo head look like a dirty tennis ball now!!!
(Do you talk to yo momma like this dats why dont like yo ass either!)
You the only bitch I know right now to this day dat take a pair of dirty pants
out tha clothes hamper and iron 'em till they look like blue leather
pants, nigga just iron chicken stains and jelly stains all in the ass of da pants...
(You wanna talk about somebody jeans but nigga you cant spray cologne
over dirty ass clothes, ok you betta watch yo back nigga I'ma have you touched!)
Bitch how you gon have me killed with $439 a month?! (Somebody need to have you killed ol sorry
Bitch if you have me killed you gettin kicked out the house, period!
(Nigga shut up you stink, ok, always talkin shit, make me sick which ya broke ass.You
aint got shit, you aint shit, ya feet stank nigga ya nasty.
Ya dirty, ya look bad, ya talk stupid, ya dumb...
Say this shit to T.I.
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