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Yeah, ayy
It's so much on my fuckin' mind, it's just
Ayy, ayy

Hello, I miss you too
Never got the chance to actually tell the truth
Never got the chance to actually bring you proof
Too busy and caught up with what I'm tryna do
Never got the chance to make amends because I wasn't a man
Things you can't comprehend, I didn't understand
I pray Father forgive me, turn around and sin again
I beg God for forgiveness, I'm not a sentimental man
I've shed tears in the wraith only my driver sees
Before I cry over a bitch, I'll take the driver seat
I'm not too sure where they wanna take it
To heaven or to hell, that's where I'm down to take it
I left my ex bitch in the field because I'm done with fakin'
I put my new bitch in the Hills 'cause that pussy amazin,' damn (Damn)
Somehow you amaze me, God damn (God damn)
Mama said I should take the time to celebrate my accomplishments
But to me, I ain't accomplished shit
Asked me how I deal with all the pressure, shit, I'm born for this
I got more to give
Maybe it's not given what I'm goin' to get
But the one thing that's for sure is that I'll never quit
You know all the niggas I live for, I'll be dyin' with
Shots of Casamigos in my casket, bitch, I'm dyin' lit
But they didn't take me out, no shot, I turn to John Wick, no bap

Yeah, aw, man
So much shit I could say right now though, uh
I don't even know how I do that shit in like what? Two, two minutes, thirty seconds
I'm sayin'
I'll top fly 'fore I tell you nothin'
I'll say somethin' 'fore I say nothin'
I'm sayin' somethin', but is that sayin' somethin'?

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