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You ever see an angel die in rare form?
I'ma tell your ass one for the last time and I'm gone
I ain't tryna argue on the way home
You ain't gotta be a fan of my songs
You know a nigga hate talkin' in this tone (Yeah)
You know a nigga hate talkin' in this tone (For real)

[Verse 1]
Peace of mind
Swear all I ask for you was just a piece of mind
'Cause you did what you did, you can't reverse the time
Please, tell me they met you at your lowest time
'Cause right now seems just like the pеrfect time, oh
Even if you lyin'
Wеll, lie to me so I can get a peace of mind
Even if it ain't mine
Still lie to me so I can get a peace of mind
Fuckin' with you a crime (Yeah)
It's not a nigga I wouldn't drop and gladly do my time

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I've been too turnt since the last time a nigga turnt up
Ayy, three million in cars, and I ain't gotta post, all my friends say these niggas burnt up (Ayy)
Geekin' and tweakin' off lean, and now they say know I been turnt up for real (Ayy)
Kickin' my shooter a million, I told him to stack it and then put up a mil
So I ain't gotta go on no drills (Ayy)
Shit get real, ayy (Shit get real)
Ayy, I gave lil' mama a Perky 'cause she wanna know how it feels, ayy (Ayy)
Shit get real (Shit get real)
See my young bitch high as hell off the shrooms, but I rather roll up the pills
'Cause shit get grill
Too much on my mind only when shit gets real
'Cause my best friend turned to opp, I don't know how I feel
I don't know if I should spare him or load up and drill
And I know if I kill him, it'll probably kill my soul
Either way, it kills (Yeah)
That's just how I feel
That's just how I feel
I feel, woah

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